It has been a funny kind of life so far… and yes, I am referencing Simon Pegg’s mum in “Shaun of the Dead”. She was bitten up by Zombies, completely dazed, and really just wanted a nice cup of tea. I could completely relate. My crazy ride on the MS roller coaster has had a profound effect on my life and artistic output, particularly since I retreated to Roberts Creek just over 10 years ago. I have become the Queen of Altered Practice, the Master Finder of Open Windows. Well, I’m going to try to keep the zombies at bay for awhile. I’m going to take a little trip, investigate a procedure which could possibly be my braid of garlic, my silver cross. Along the way, I’ll use this blog to sort out some of the imagery of the past, experiment with what I have learned in the present, and maybe even plan for the future. It should be interesting…. it always is. Earl Grey, anyone?