I have two studios in my house, actually. I have a large room where I can draw, or silkscreen or paint large canvasses. It has cans of paint, many books, and a brick fireplace. It also has windows that look out over my neighbour’s yard and through the cedars to peek at the waters of Georgia Straight – and sometimes, depending on weather, I can catch glimpses of Vancouver Island. I love it, but I don’t use it much these days. Well, maybe for gluing or cutting or piling things up, but not for the lovely canvasses.

I have another room, much smaller, and I use that room a lot. I feel much more comfortable there. It holds many of the bits and pieces that I pick up during my coastal meanderings. I have the usual bits of driftwood, and more unusual animal bones, and all kinds of things that most people might think of as weird rusty garbage. The walls are covered with my homemade postcards which I send to far away post offices in Canada so that they can send them back to me with a fancy cancel on the stamp. I love stamps. Stampy Canadian mail art. It’s what I like to do with all those photos, scans, and old photocopies I have amassed over the years.
This room is my Thinking room. It can get to be a bit of a mess of ideas so has more recently been described as my Crazy room and I must admit it probably reflects the inside of my head fairly accurately. Perhaps with this blog I can sort and focus, do some scraping through the past and planning for the future…. and if I’m lucky, I’ll get back to that big room and use it for something much grander than a mess.