I have sent things to Mail Art Across the World, and it is delightfully strange to see my mail hanging in beautiful ancient buildings in France, amongst the hundreds of entries.  I was surprised to see the posted photos of well dressed hipsters practicing edgy Calligraphy and swanking about the Mail Art openings. It seems that the French, and Europeans in general,  have a refined, eclectic and inclusive sense of what is beautiful and important. I am still trying to shake the feeling that mail art is somewhat… marginal. Europe embraces it wholeheartedly.

But MAAW is only once every two years, and I haven’t yet discovered the faces behind the Ateliers. I hope I do someday.

I wandered around the internet a bit and found Dosanko Debbie‘s Mail Call. Send something to her and she will send something back. I shyly sent her a card –  sure enough, mail arrived that I didn’t have to send to myself! Since then I have stopped by many times to see what she is creating.  This was my second card to her, not quite Etegami….

…but a great test of my brand new watercolours and now it resides in Japan. Armchair Traveling, one of my favourite Open Windows.

And the best part, beautiful mail came back to me. Thank you, Debbie.

Year of the Rabbit postcard from Dosanko Debbie