We are home. California was so lovely, and my family have been so patient and welcoming – even though we are quite the little circus to put up with. Transmission Drama did not help, and I must admit, I have had my fill of Road Trips for now. When we pulled in to our driveway and realized that a friend had prepared a nice warm fire in the fireplace for us, I breathed a huge, happy sigh of relief. Thank You, Jenica!

I have found a moment to scan in some sketches from the trip, though to be honest, I was a little distracted and didn’t do nearly as much drawing as I had anticipated when we embarked on this trip. Luckily, I have plenty of photos to refer to now that I’m able to unwind. These next weeks I will lay low, and take healing from the forest air. I shall see what the next few months bring, and I will happily pad about my studio. I have missed my studio.

The blue sky of Gilroy was beautiful, though….

…and I actually did get up to this oak tree – my goal tree. On the other side of the hill was a view of the valley which I have never seen, and always wanted to.

A parting shot of the Cherub at the gate…