Acrylic housepaint and conte crayon on paper 12"x 14"

The cheepy birds have woken me up early, and the light is back!! I have been gazing out my window, checking the tide table, and planning my first spring visit to Porpoise Bay beach. It is one of the few fine sand beaches near my home and I have spent some happy hours scratching around in the tide line. Being a large body of salt water cut off by the Sechelt peninsula, the ocean action is much different than that of the rockier beaches along Georgia Straight. I’m wondering what treasures might be waiting after the winter storms…there was plenty of good stuff when I was last there on a sunny and hot October day.

Here is a page from my homemade “Sunshine Coast Journal” –  pre-printed line drawings of driftwood with pencil and watercolour sketch on top:

…and a sketch of an autumn find from the stony shore just down the road from my place…