Starting with a familiar image,  a small flicker feather which I have sketched and used on my blog header and calendar, I attempt a painting without a grid.

Stage one – project:

Stage two – outline:

Done in 20 minutes. Formerly, hours of grid-and-draw. I am excited… I know a more complex image will take more time, but I can’t believe how quick this was!

Now I’m thinking, do I wait for daytime (because I had to wait until dark for the best projection) or keep going…hmmm why not just jump in.

and I’m done for the evening. Forty minutes – the Artograph is officially a keeper!!

The next day….

…and the final details…

I feel a little bit guilty, like I bypassed the obligatory artistic suffering and leaped straight into the fun stuff. But, you know what, I think I’ll get over it – I’ve done my time in the trenches.