When the sun comes out on the West Coast, the light is spectacular and even a wander down the lane and around the yard can elevate my mood dramatically.

First, down Edmonds Road to the ocean shore where I often gaze over to Vancouver Island. This morning was interesting for the extreme low tide – I have no idea what this person was collecting, but the seals and gulls and seabirds wanted some as well.

Then, in the neighbour’s yard, a super bright pink Rhodo – delicious colour.

Back in my own yard, the apple blossoms are out and I pluck a few for one of “my little still-lifes” which is what Julie calls my many photos of things around the house which I feel a spontaneous need to capture .. this one with a corner of a board I silk-screened with a Renaissance portrait face.

Later when I was catching the last rays of the sun on my back porch, I gazed down to see a bumblebee… tiny perfection at my feet.

Spring is here.