That was fourteen years ago, when I had first moved to the coast, and we were sitting on my crazy shed deck in the warm sunlight where she was thumbing through this journal.

I was a bit shocked. Not about the dying comment as I did not have (and still don’t have!) any intention of expiring anytime soon, Julie has always had a flair for the dramatic. I was surprised because it was the first time I understood that someone else besides me might find some intrinsic value in my pile of scratchings and quotes. I had previously only thought proper paintings and drawings would interest people. Of course I love my ideabooks, and I become quite anxious if I think I’ve misplaced any one of them –  there are quite a few. But I clearly hadn’t thought of other people liking to look through them. Not that there are great personal revelations, there aren’t – just crazy pictures of stuff I find interesting – a magpie’s nest of sketches, pictures and project planning.

Well, now I look at online sketchers all the time, and books of other artists ramblings or working process – I find them fascinating. And I’ve seen many people enjoy flipping through mine. “Journaling” has hundreds of blogs, books and even a magazine, so it is definitely mainstream, but each book is completely unique. Now I am conscious that someone else will surely look, and it will likely influence how I will produce my pages, but I don’t mind. Besides, too late now. What was lovely today, was to look through this book again and see what was going through my unfiltered mind at that time, and to see how ideas did or didn’t or haven’t yet come to fruition.

Watercolour rocks – Sketchbook 2011

There was some good stuff there – which I’m going to have to take another close look at.. some ideas I am still very interested in and hold up well all this time later. And themes that come up over and over again. As well,  some scathingly brilliant projects I can’t believe I forgot to do! Good thing I wrote them down!

So Thanks Julie, for showing me the importance of the crazy pile, that was the day I became serious about my fiddling with ideabooks.  And yes you can eventually have this book, (after all, it was a gift from you when it was blank, specially made for my birthday). But not for a very long time I hope, I’m clearly not done with it!