My brother Roy and I enjoy a good Reminisce. So when we finally got some summer, on a whim we loaded up his immaculate Blazer and headed North to the tiny town of Clinton, BC. Forty-four years ago our family moved here and we spent five childhood years roaming the woods of Cariboo Country before we went back to the coast. We have rarely returned except to drive through on the way to somewhere else.

There was much dramatic beauty…

…between dusty little towns in various states of disrepair…

Ashcroft, BC

Cache Creek. The Wander-Inn is for sale…

…and the little Clinton Heritage Museum, where we kids spent many curious hours, is exactly the same.


All that romance of Gold Rush British Columbia, tucked away in a tiny building at the side of the highway – I could have happily spent days in there with my camera, rummaging through the bits and pieces left over from lives past.

And the Cariboo air still smelled as sweet and pine-spicy as I had remembered… Gold Dust Trip. Thanks, Roy.