Some mornings you wake up and you just know the day isn’t going to go the way you want it to. MS symptoms can still cause trouble, even after a procedure. Your head feels funny, your hands are all tingly, and you know you have to lay low. Some days, laying low is OK. But today you become all pissy because you are supposed to do a thing which you really wanted to do but can’t.

What to do. You have no patience for a bad mood.

Well. You get out your camera and get really really close to some screamingly pink Gladiolas you bought yesterday. Stuff the lens in, focus on that colour, it has to elevate your mood. But the tungsten kitchen light is making the pure petals all orangey. Which would be fine if you wanted orangey. But orangey isn’t doing it for you today.

So you know you could fix it in photoshop but that is not always the best. Instead you look more closely at the camera buttons and…. there it is. The WB. White Balance. A whole new tool to play with.

Immediately, the pinks are properly pink and good photo things follow. The day has improved dramatically and you are still just standing in the kitchen.

The colour is doing its job.

Then. A phone call. The friend you cancelled on this morning drops by. With a book. A signed Camilla Gibb book. Camilla Gibb is the author you had to miss at the Writer’s Fest because of the MS altered day issue. Your friend tells you all about the event in detail, making you feel like you had been there (minus the discomfort of feeling icky in public) and leaves you the book which is inscribed by the author “To Sheryl…with Best Wishes”

Some days don’t go the way you want them to. They go so much better.