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It is the time of year when the birds are in full voice and motion in my yard. Wrens, crows, tooheys, flickers, owls and eagles, hummingbirds and I can even hear loons in the evening. It is glorious… but inevitably there is drama. I’m not quite sure how this wren died last year, but the little body was in the back, and I carefully placed it under a wedge of turf and let it be. Months later, I peeled back the grass and sure enough nature had done its job. Nothing left but a clean, fragile skull. A little thing of beauty, which becomes a subject of artistic investigation, and then possibly an artwork, like these found feathers – sapsucker probably.

2 feathblog

Or a large painting, 5′ tall, from scans of a hawk skull that Kim found in the Yukon:

Hawk skullblog

…and then I start mulling over what kind of mail art I might make from these small precious subjects…

Eureka Nunavut detailblog

Maybe it is time to start playing games with Canada Post again.