Food Truck Culture is exploding. Here on the Sunshine Coast, we have only one, and it’s Pub food expensive fare isn’t really appealing to me. But on a recent trip to Seattle, I knew there might be literally hundreds and I was excited to go hunting. A craving for fish tacos narrowed the field, and a quick Google later El Camion was the choice for lunch.



Despite its rather dubious location in the parking lot of a less than perfect apartment complex, right next to a Home Depot, and even though it had a skeleton dangling from the pick-up window, we trusted that the reviews must be right and ordered our tacos.

And for $2 per taco, $4 per person, we were so glad we did….


Fresh, quick and soooo delicious – a brightly coloured lime and cilantro tinged platefull, which was gone in about 60 seconds!

The Rubber Lizard screwed to the tree beside us was an added bonus.


Food Trucks are fun!