Black Opus Oct 2012 Dog Paws

I have not felt so happy in a long, long time.

All my life I have had animals. Dogs when I was a skinny kid racing around the pine forests of the BC interior. Cats when I lived in the West End of Vancouver. Cats that moved with me to the Sunshine Coast, lived on a boat and then in an Airstream Trailer, and that lived to be 21 years old. Then a Jack Russel Terrier. And Now Ella.

I had no fence for Sammie the Jack, but when he was young I could still walk the beach, and the woods, and we learned to leash up for a pee in the big back yard, because he would bugger off if didn’t. Bloody Jacks. So we lived with no fence.

Then came Ella, 8 months old shelter dog, still filled with puppy-ness, but the strength of a full grown dog… and chaos ensued.


The thing is, she is a sweet smart pup, and not one thing is her fault, but for all my ways, my carefully crafted strategies for making my life with MS seem not so bad – I crashed – because I could not care for her.

So, due to circumstances, she was to go to Dog Daycare for 10 days, at a time when she was just getting settled in her first real home ever. Because I couldn’t do the essential things, like take her out for a pee or toss a ball to get her puppy energy out – and toxic pup energy was translating to fights with Sammie – so stressful. And so demoralizing.  So she left.

The house was so quiet. And it wasn’t right.

Allan and Joyce at No Pawblems are the best animal caregivers I know, and she would be safe and secure, but she needed to be home. I missed her.

So a fence came to be.


I don’t even know how to thank Robert, it chokes me up to think of it, but he knew I needed it quickly, and he did it. This temporary fence will eventually be re-configured to surround the whole big property, but to be able to have Ella back right now, and for me, her and Sammie to be safe and together, this magic fence… put up in an afternoon…  is perfect.


And they played. Peed. No leash, no yanking, Pure dog happiness. Pure person happiness. I sat on the porch, in the sweet sun of the afternoon, and watched them until they wandered up to come into the house for their dinner.

As I said, I have not felt so happy in a very long time.


Ella softly woofs in her sleep.