Foxglove 617blog

Another beautiful afternoon on the little back deck. I picked this foxglove, and did a fine line drawing, well pleased with my Lamy Safari fountain pen. I was going to leave it, but as usual, I had to fuss with it. I itched to add colour.

I knew that a wet line would run, so I left it for awhile before I attempted to fill in the sensitive lines with watercolour. Quite awhile in the hot sun, it was perfectly dry. Should have been impervious to water, in theory.

Even though I was assured by the lovely people on eBay that my $2 ink refills were genuine and waterproof, I really wasn’t that surprised to see the black spread in to my pure pinks and greens.

Oh well, not what I intended, but not so bad after all…

Which is lucky, because I have a big batch of $2 refills.

Back to the UniBall for truly waterproof lines.