Bindo print blogSome days when I pick up my journal I have no idea at all what I’m going to do with it. Like this day, cold and foggy outside but warm and quiet in front of the fire. I had finally cleared off the project table, and pulled out a can of lilac paint to give it a fresh coat, a new board to play on.

Of course, the second it was dry, I had to start piling. I had cut out two versions of the butterfly sketch I did recently,ย  to be used for possible collages, and they drifted on top of a print of a painting of mine – layers of work in different scales.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOut came the camera…


Things were pushed around, photos were snapped, then upstairs to my printer… where I happened to find a piece of messy brown paper, which of course had to be stuffed through and printed upon. And all this with absolutely no thought of beginning, middle or end. It is a relief to just let serendipity have its way, like wakeful dreaming. I love when this happens.


And I love when the final image scan is something so appealing to me, that I want to put in in my journal… and start the process all over again…

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