For the past month I have been in sketchbook heaven. Even though I identify myself primarily as a painter, I have always been a sketchbook/ideabook person. I look online for new and interesting techniques and pages, I collect books about artists journals (living or dead) and I have a special fascination for any beautiful “Carnet de Voyage”.  I love to look in other artists journals, and many of the sketchers I follow came from these two Danny Gregory books which I bought a few years ago – An Illustrated Life and An Illustrated Journey. Imagine  how excited I was when he and another artist Koosje Koene put together their online class called Sketchbook Skool !! Professionally shot videos of practicing sketchers – all the best and brightest – assignments, and instruction and sketchbook tours and even a crazy facebook group of enthusiastic peers from around the globe to share drawings with and yak with. I could not resist.


Supplies are ready.

Desk is clean.

Time to get drawing…. Page One:

Twig pen