A new Journal is essential. Particularly when it is handmade by your friend, has an encaustic cover which smells of sweet beeswax, and comes wrapped in brown paper with a sprig of Lavendar. Kim Oka has just opened her Etsy site, but I was lucky enough to have mine delivered in person. I LOVE it. I have always used Opus student grade sketchbooks, and thought they were fine, but the heavier mixed media paper in this book is far, far better and much more fun to use – I won’t be going back! Look how it takes the watercolour – no bleed through – and the pencil crayons go on like a dream.

Onions web

Of course I had to make a pencil holder for my pencil crayons which I rarely use, but have hanging around all over.


I knew there would be a week with Koosje Koene, they are her specialty. I wasn’t sure how I would like them, but they are now happily being frequently implemented. Who knew? Of course my new Electric pencil sharpener made everything about them fun.


And I still can’t stop admiring the most beautiful pencil box ever. Maple and walnut and red felt inside, silky smooth with gorgeous dovetail splines. Much sweat and skill went into this gift, thank you so much Jennifer. It is my treasure.