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Sandra has been a sketching demon lately. She doesn’t live far from me, but it is a ferry ride, so mail is an occasional necessity. This time I said, if you are sending me something, make it pretty! Indeed she did. It is a wonderful kind of thrill to open up a mailbox and be greeted by something so fun, so personal, her beautiful drawings peeking through the boring bills… super smile that day!!

Around the same time I developed an interesting conversation about art and printmaking – with a fellow MSer from the opposite side of the world.. Tasmania. Through Pinterest, of all things – who knew? I hadn’t really expected a connection to be made on such a huge internet platform, and I am even more delighted that our exchange of experiences continues and has even inspired actual tangible … Mail Art.

Mail Steph Housteinadjweb

Gorgeous Mail Art. Postal Magic.

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Mail Steph Houstein029

Mail Steph Houstein027web

It was a fantastic Mail week….


… now my turn for outgoing!