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Betty Gumbootweb

One moment I am out having a sketch and a cool beer on a hot day, the next moment I am back in my winter pants and snuggled on the couch.

Blk opus feb 2016 696web

I regularly pull open the door to my little back deck, just to sniff the air and peer out to see what is happening. It can be six different types of weather between breakfast and lunch and if there are 10 seconds of sunshine, I am going to park myself in it.

Lately I have been setting up with scissors and images, using the long hours of strong light to do my crazy clipping.


Scanning, printing, cups, birds, wings, things. Sketchin’ and clippin’. Clipping and sipping. Friends have various names for my back porch antics.


Cups on deck blog

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What I end up sipping depends entirely on my mood. And it is always a good mood. 🙂

Bee glass

If it all of a sudden flips to wind or rain or hail, not a problem. It is a very short wobble back to inside warmth. So short, in fact depending on the angle of the sun, I might just be sitting right in the doorway.

I love my tiny back deck.


Gumboot and Julie's Kitchen

Practice continues in my pursuit to learn techniques to one day produce a Carnet de Voyage. Luckily, it involves deliciousness and conviviality. I should be well fed whenever I do wander away from my home base.

Black Op sm July 2013 728blog

A Thanksgiving reunion with a friend and a chance discovery of some weird lumps at the side of the road started it. We were meandering happily to the Gumboot Cafe, she strolling, me scooting, not two minutes away from my house when something bright, bright red on the edge of the road caught our attention. We stopped to peer into the leaves and grass, and there they were, fascinating in their odd perfect roundness and shocking  colour. But we didn’t really have time for gazing at crazy mushrooms – limited moments of laughter and beer and catch-up were much more important – so Sandra snapped a quick phone photo, and we continued on to a perfect afternoon… but I knew I would need to go back for a closer look.


The next day, scooter and camera would be required. I am aware that a parked shoprider and a woman scrubbing around in the ditch is not an everyday occurrence, but in the Creek people really don’t make much of a fuss about these things, so I was happily undisturbed during my little photo session. I got some great shots and a nice wave from the bus driver. I may have been a tad bit close to the edge of the road.


It wasn’t enough, though – already growing bigger and so, so beautiful, not only did I sketch them, but I went back a third day as the cap was expanding. I used those shots to make a transfer for my ideabook.

Black Op sm July 2013 729blog

I intend to keep going back for as long as they are there. These spectacular gifts on the side of the road may not appear again, I have never seen them before… maybe those people who can roam this rainforest see them every year, but for me on my scooter at the bottom of my road – they are a quite rare and wonderous sight. Magic, indeed.



Black Opus Jul 2013 722adjblog

Cool enough to wear a warm jacket. Bright and dry enough to scoop up impossibly coloured leaves as I skim around on my shoprider. Perfect conditions for sipping perfect coffee in either of my favourite haunts. Add in some brand new Micron Pigma pens, and October is looking very lovely indeed.

Black Opus Jul 2013 716blog

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Cappuccino: Gumboot Cafe


Straight Traders – before…


…and after

Time deliciously spent.