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I am trying very hard not to be disturbed by today’s event. After all, it is just another day of bloated pomp and circumstance.
Except, that it is not.

I was, by fate, born in America to an American father. My Canadian mother brought me and my two brothers back to Canada when I was seven years old. By choice, since 1978, I remain a proud Canadian. But I don’t feel very perfect and my heart hurts today for myself, for good friends and relatives, and for this planet.

I roamed around the house awhile today, thinking many thoughts, some good and some unworthy. I scootered back to a (very) dusty, but beloved bookshelf, in a messy, unused room. I was only looking for Thoreau – to find this quote:

“When a man is warmed … what does he want next? Surely not more warmth of the same kind, as more and richer food, larger and more splendid houses, finer and more abundant clothing, more numerous, incessant, and hotter fires, and the like. When he has obtained those things which are necessary to life, there is another alternative than to obtain the superfluities; and that is, to adventure on life now.”

I was looking for the fine Americans… the fine humans… that I know are out there.

I found, conveniently, prophetically, sadly, and hopefully – these books shelved next to each other. Aging pages, readings from my past.

John Boswell, died so young of AIDS.

bell hooks. Shoving racism and feminism in our faces. She knows.


Helen and Scott Nearing. Vermont and Bernie know of their bravery and good sense.

George Woodcock. I can still hear Naomi Klein at Sechelt Writer’s fest saying “Oh, you should give Anarchy a chance.”  With the sweetest smile.

So five Americans and a Canadian editor form my reading now. Five of the six are dead, their works left to me to glean for seeds for the future. Will it help how I feel today? I don’t know. These books speak of thrilling, important ideas and it isn’t easy to watch them fail, crushed by much more than one sickening orange man. I hope from looking at them again, I can find some encouragement, find the great thrill they once gave me.  And my own country has a sweet leader who thinks he can rule and fool the masses. He must be corrected. Much work of world importance is started, and many have been working doggedly for years. And that is as it should be. For me, here at home, I’m looking for ways to put ideals back on the rails. I’m nervous, and I’m excited. I get to draw my own line in the plastic littered sand and say “No more”.
Weren’t you bored with your hotter fire anyway?
Wouldn’t you rather be Adventuring on Life?

I know I would.
I know I am.



Black Op. Jul 2013 681adj

No painting on canvas gets done… paint dries too fast and sticks.

No studio re-arranging gets done… sun through the windows pulls me outside.

No long hours in Photoshop… the light throws off my colour sense.

I am not complaining….. at all!


My version, a detail of a fresco by Bronzino in the Chapel of Eleonora, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence.


Waiting to be rolled and taken to its new home.

Always bittersweet to let them go.


Elements of Nature

…at Yoga By the Sea


Laurie Verchomin and her gracious helpers are busy hanging paintings… after a bit of my stressful fussing, and some wobbling around, I left them to it.

Sometimes you just have to let go… so hard for a Virgo!


Seal Ribs revisited..


Acrylic house paint on canvas, 2 feet x 4 feet, Derwent crayon to finish… big, yet simple. It looks very fine on the freshly painted white hallway walls. It seems the Shambly Cabin is getting a much needed freshening-up for the New Year. New goals, new art, new adventures. As my horoscope says… “Creative change without distruction”. I couldn’t agree more.